Every seven years, the IACBE (which stands for International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education) comes to visit college campuses as part of the process of reviewing and renewing the accreditation of their business programs.  A few weeks ago, we at Defiance College had our visit, and it was a great opportunity to boast about the innovations in our undergraduate business program.  Our visitors were able to hear all kinds of good things about our Business Advantage Program, which enables students majoring in business, sales, marketing, accounting, etc., to create and run at least two different businesses while at DC.  We also got lots of positive feedback about the opportunities that our business students (like other DC students) have to travel and become globally literate.

But what really struck me was something that one of the accreditors said at the end of his visit.  He said how impressed the accreditation team was by our students and all they had experienced, but he said that one remark from a student would remain with him forever.  That student had said to him: every student finds his or her own reason to fall in love with Defiance College.  Our visitors seemed to find that to be a particularly powerful expression of what makes DC special, and I too was touched by it.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily activities that we forget how many different ways DC reaches and impacts our students.  I think we also forget how many fantastic opportunities there are at DC:  all the activities, the relationships with faculty and administrators, the great network of alumni, the domestic and international travel, the opportunities to engage in rigorous learning in the classroom and then apply it to the real world, the training in entrepreneurial skills, the community service, the student involvement in research, the friendship and so much more.

We are about to enjoy our Homecoming celebration, and we will be joined on campus by many alumni for whom the connection to DC remains strong even many decades after their graduations. They know how much DC has meant to them and the successes in their lives, and each of them has also found his or her own reason to continue to love DC throughout their lives.  Now that is something to celebrate as well!